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Name, School
Yitian Li, GS 2011

Greatest personal feat of genius, AAA-wise?
See above.

Fondest memory?
Culture shock sophomore year. It was the first time we named the show Culture Shock, the first time we tried a lion dance/hoheup collaboration, the first time we tried a fashion show, and the first and only time Calvin, Tian and I ran the show. The week of rehearsals was a disaster. Groups didn't show up, movies didn't work, and we even blew out a projector bulb. By the day of the show everyone was nervous as hell. The show started and the opening video played without a glitch. Then the groups performed well. And all the lighting worked. And nobody screwed up. And before you knew the show was over. We absolutely nailed it.

Favorite weekend hangout?

Pick your poison, in five words or less.
Gin and tonic.

Name the Asian American activist you think would be best in bed.
All the sexy ladies of AAA PC!

Favorite Asian American political cause and why?
Awareness. Making people realize that there are Asian American issues
in immigration, voting rights, media representation and that we can do
something about it is like teaching people how to fish.

Favorite AAA yearly/semesterly tradition?
OCM interviews.

What would you sooner eat: seasoned cow penis or blended hot peppers?
Blended cow peppers. I'm not gonna even touch the other one.

What you'll miss most about AAA, post-graduation
The people, duh.

Where can we expect to see you in ten years?
Planting avocados in Argentina.

What are three things you would tell the AAA board of 2012-2013?
1. Enjoy what you're doing.
Don't forget that the main goal of AAA is to hold events that you enjoy with people whose company you enjoy. The moment that's not true anymore, you gotta change something.
2. It's ok to make mistakes.
This is one of the only times you'll get to use thousands of dollars and work with great creative people to pursue whatever events you want with almost no consequences for screwing up. Take advantage of it. The real world is not as forgiving.
3. There are no stories involving dolphins, bats, or people ridin' dirty. If anyone tells you differently, they're trying to sell you something.

Have a great year AAA!


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