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Mission Statement

"I am here to speak. Say the words... Do not be afraid. It is all right, so do not be afraid. You are not really alone. You may die, but you will have been heard. Keep speaking -- it is real. You have a voice." - Chang-Rae Lee

This blog seeks to reject the norm. It seeks to offer the suppressed thoughts, alternate viewpoints, and unheard voices of passionate young men and women, fighting to take a stand in the narratives of race being told around us today.

We hope to re-examine events in and/or relevant to the Columbia/Barnard community from various Asian American perspectives, with helpings of thoughtful commentary and a dash of irreverent wit. No soy sauce included.

The Blaaag does not speak for any Asian American community, but strives to spark dialogue amongst those who wish to contribute to the conversation, whether their opinions are similar or contrary to our own. Additionally, The Blaaag does not have a single message, but reflects a variety that comes from our diverse body of contributors.

What we say is often loud, ugly, and real. You don't have to like us, but listen up.


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