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How do you pronounce that? The Bl-AHH-g? No, really, how would you pronounce that? (Like, in your own country?)”

Before everything, we’d like to settle a few things. Yes, we the creators of The Blaaag are quite aware that we have managed a type of word modification that a certain other infamous blog was first to accomplish. But where’s the harm? (Who’s to deny the Black Students Organization the creation of their very own Bsog?) The name only reflects the simplicity of our purpose – to be a new outlet for issues discussed by the Asian American Alliance.

But the situation could be a tad more complicated than just this. At best, we’re just another student group readjusting a hip word to serve our ends. At worst, we’re unoriginal Asian people trying to mooch off the success of the only blog that non-political and non-techie Columbians now read with any regularity. (You're welcome.)

An overused technique like this perhaps deserves no more discussion. (Come on, it's not that bad, is it?) We are hoping, though, that once you read about the things that we think about, work on, and fight against, you'll see that we're no cheap knock-off.

Post-script: And just so you know, in our writing we will never, ever refer to The Blaaag in the third person.



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