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With school around the corner and course registration beginning again tomorrow, here is a very incomplete list of classes that may be of interest for like-minded Asian American folks out there from the Asian American Studies and Comparative Ethnic Studies programs. Do take advantage.

ENGL W4632 Intro to Asian American Lit and Culture
Wen Jin
M/W 5:40-6:55pm

ASAM W3922x Asian American Cinema
Eric Gamalinda
W 8:10pm – 10:00pm, 420 Hamilton
4 pts

ASAM W3918x Asian Americans and Psychology of Race
Shinhee Han
M 9:00 – 10:50 am, 420 Hamilton
4 pts.

BC3136 Asian American Women
Christie J Cynn
T 2:10 - 4:00pm
4 pts

CSER W1010x Intro to Comparative Ethnic Studies
Gary Okihiro
T/R 1:10 – 2:25 PM, 608 Schermerhorn Hall
3 pts

CSER W3917x Social Theory & Radical Critique in Ethnic studies
Nicholas de Genova
T 11:00am – 12:50 pm, 420 Hamilton
4 pts

CSER W3940x Comp Study of Constitutional Challenges Affecting Minorities
Elizabeth OuYang
W 4:10 – 6:00pm, 420 Hamilton Hall
4 pts

CSER W3960 Global Intimacies
Susanna Rosenbaum
W 11:00 – 12:50pm, 420 Hamilton Hall

CSER W3928 Colonization/Decolonization
Claudio Lomnitz and Mae Ngai
T 4:10 – 6:00pm, 420 Hamilton
4 pts

CSER W3220x Native Peoples of Northern America
Chie Sakakibara
T / R 9:10-10:25am, 503 Hamilton
3 pts

POLY W4471 Race-Ethnicity in American Politics
Raymond A Smith
T/R 2:40 - 3:55pm
3 pts


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