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Bwog, on a NSOP art event:

Tuesday: "After Hours At The Met," a private party and viewing of three galleries - Egyptian Art, Roman and Greek Art, and Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. Budding activists looking to get a head start will no doubt protest the lack of Asian Art.
We had some beef with them earlier for misrepresenting some of our advertising (Asha), so this will be brief. While we Blaaagers may respect criticism of "activism" (what a static term, some might think) as sometimes critics ourselves, we don't respect people who deal in it before understanding the issues to begin with. Fair representation at the Met? Who cares? A funnier joke could have involved an issue "activists" actually give a shit about.

Actually, budding activists probably will not... those galleries aren't completely saturated with "white" art.

Take a look at this video, in which Jon Stewart on The Daily Show tackles several key controversies relevant to media and racism, and reminds us once again how critical thought can redeem the news in our society.


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