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From Axeline Maisonet (ajm2115@columbia.edu):

The Lang Youth Medical Program is a grant-funded organization at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York Presbyterian (168th Street) that works with 7th-12th graders from backgrounds underrepresented in medicine living in the Washington Heights community.

We teach science, community & public health, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, writing & literacy, sex-education, oversee internships, and offer students assistance to applying to high school, college, and special programs (those are just a few of the many services and activities we offer.)

We are looking for summer counselors to teach and mentor our students. Here are the basics, the details are in the attached job description & application:

Program runs from July 6-31(only 4 full-time weeks!), with some training dates in the weeks prior.

The stipend is $2,600 for regular advisors and $3,000 for lead advisors.

This is a GREAT program to get involved with as a pre-med because it is a small staff so you are well-known over time. It is also for non-premed HUMANITIES students because we have literacy components as well.

All are welcome to apply, but we are particularly interested in minority applicants to serve as teachers, role models, and mentors.

This year, my colleague Assumpta Galang (our high school coordinator) is taking the lead on recruitment, so please send your applications to her at asg9008@nyp.org.

Axeline J. Maisonet
Middle School Coordinator,
Lang Youth Medical Program
Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York Presbyterian
office phone: 212.305.0806
work mobile: 646.533.6379


Dear Shilpa,

This is not a spam and it is urgent. My name is Nadia Surapanpong and I am a professional, working in the films business and currently casting for a new big budget Hollywood movie. I am wondering if you and your organization at Columbia U can please post and pass along this flyer to every one you know of Asian-decent to come to my Open Casting Call this Sunday, 3/1 from 11A - 5P to be part of the new movie from M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie, The Last Airbender (in production now based on the popular series called, Avatar on Nickelodeon Channel) this Sunday, March 1st. He is the well-known director of The Six Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Lady in the Water, and from last year's movie called, The Happening; see his full list of credits at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0796117/.

It is an Open Casting Call for all Asian-Americans for Night's new movie. IF by far chance you are personally interested in this as well please come to the Open Casting Call yourself, if not PLEASE tell and / or bring all of your friends who might be interested. IF they are selected, there will be paid transportation, housing and per diem for their time. It is approximately 1 – 2 weeks worth of work in Philadelphia; please read the attached flyer for all the detail info.

Any questions you can contact me directly. Thanks so much,
A few reasons why this e-mail cracks me up:
  1. THE SPELLING ERRORS ("Asian-decent")
  4. "This is not a spam and it is urgent."
Can someone please go to this audition?

... will Ethnic Studies be the first to go? Check out the NYTimes article here.

Some thoughts to consider: how high is Ethnic Studies in administrative priorities? What about a Core curriculum? Which disciplines might the institution value over others?

From Christina Chen:

Hey everybody,

I have a friend who is organizing a walkout at CUNY Hunter on March
5th to protest tuition hikes, faculty layoffs, department downsizing,
the lack of a transparent admissions process, Hunter's relationship to
NYC communities, and more. Apparently BMCC is holding a rally on the
same time, and both schools are planning feeder marches to a CUNY-wide
demonstration that will take place at 4 pm that same day. I was
wondering if people are interested in participating in both events.
There is an educational at Hunter that's taking place *today* from 1-3
pm at Hunter HW 405 that will highlight longstanding CUNY student
efforts to promote a more "accountable, accessible, and democratic

My friend would like Columbia folks to get involved. I haven't really
had a discussion with her as to what this entails beyond attending
their events; however, I'd like to hear what folks think about
supporting the CUNY movement. I realize that we should probably
conduct convos about the politics of allying ourselves as students of
a private institution, with students within our city's public
university system; at the same time, however, I recognize that (obvi!)
these problems also not isolated to the CUNY's. Our circumstances are
not completely analogous, but I'm wagering that there is much to be
learned in how CUNY students are organizing around these issues.
They've been planning events / teach-in's all year which are
culminating into these end of the year actions... these folks have
been framing this as a student movement and I'd like to talk about our
place in all of this.

So, I'd appreciate 1) feedback, and 2) anybody who's interested in
participating in the rallys/ march to email me! And feel free to
forward this to other listerves I keep forgetting board aliases-
speak's is so easy to remember lol!


Columbia/Barnard Black Heritage Month & Proud Colors present:

Queer Black Cinema Film Screening
TODAY Tuesday, February 24th at 8pmHeld Auditorium (304 Barnard Hall, Barnard College)
Please join us for an evening of independent documentary and narrative films that explore the complexities of being queer and black in the world.
Followed by Q&A with QBC founder and Executive Producer, Angel L. Brown and refreshments.
FREE of charge
For more information, visit: http://www.queerblackcinema.org/

The Columbia Political Union will be hosting a debate on affirmative action,between the College Democrats and College Republicans:

Sick and tired of the seemingly endless partisan debate? Well then, you're out of luck! Because, on Monday, February 23rd, the College Democrats and the College Republicans will face off in the first debate of the semester, moderated by the Columbia Political Union.

Debaters will be representing their own personal views and debating the following resolution:

Resolved: affirmative action is a policy at odds with equality and fairness
Okay, I would understand if the primary groups involved in this were debate groups. But they're not. They're political groups. So why are students of color groups (whose members are most directly affected by affirmative action) not directly involved in this discussion?


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