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From Axeline Maisonet (ajm2115@columbia.edu):

The Lang Youth Medical Program is a grant-funded organization at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York Presbyterian (168th Street) that works with 7th-12th graders from backgrounds underrepresented in medicine living in the Washington Heights community.

We teach science, community & public health, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, writing & literacy, sex-education, oversee internships, and offer students assistance to applying to high school, college, and special programs (those are just a few of the many services and activities we offer.)

We are looking for summer counselors to teach and mentor our students. Here are the basics, the details are in the attached job description & application:

Program runs from July 6-31(only 4 full-time weeks!), with some training dates in the weeks prior.

The stipend is $2,600 for regular advisors and $3,000 for lead advisors.

This is a GREAT program to get involved with as a pre-med because it is a small staff so you are well-known over time. It is also for non-premed HUMANITIES students because we have literacy components as well.

All are welcome to apply, but we are particularly interested in minority applicants to serve as teachers, role models, and mentors.

This year, my colleague Assumpta Galang (our high school coordinator) is taking the lead on recruitment, so please send your applications to her at asg9008@nyp.org.

Axeline J. Maisonet
Middle School Coordinator,
Lang Youth Medical Program
Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York Presbyterian
office phone: 212.305.0806
work mobile: 646.533.6379



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