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PC member and SPEaKista Saffiyah Madraswala sends out this announcement. If you've got fewer than five courses on your plate, there's no reason why you can't take this one, too!

hey speakistas,

below is information on an ethnic studies course being offered through the Africana Studies program at Barnard. it is severely under-enrolled, but is supposed to be a really really great class. its incredibly important that more students enroll in this class - please check it out! it's on wednesdays from 4:10-6

all the best,

*New Course - Junior Colloquium: Critical Race Theory
AFRS BC 3109y
Yvette Christianse
*W 4:10 - 6:00 pm
609 Lewisohn Hall

*What are we to make of some media pronouncements that 'race is over' now that a black man is in the White House, and what are we to make of the way that such declarations actually continue to make race a media spectacle? This course on Critical Race Theory tracks how popular culture and mass media adjust to the new languages they expect of themselves. We contextualize our readings of mass media coverage of 'race matters' by focussing on concepts of race and racialized discourse as they are articulated in different forms: formally, theoretically, and in the language of the popular imaginary. This moment of such renewed hope also the moment that calls for alert, informed, and rigorous discussion of race in all of its new and old permutations. Come and find out how, and why by enrolling in Barnard's Africana Studies' Critical Race Theory course. Wednesdays, 4:10 to 6 PM. 4 points.*


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