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Boulder, Colorado -

Two Boulder middle-school students have been arrested on suspicion of harassment and a bias-motivated crime after police said they called a 12-year-old girl and threatened to rape and kill her because she’s Asian-American.

The 13-year-old boys — and a 10-year-old boy, whose arrest was pending — are suspected of calling the girl’s cell phone at 9 p.m. Monday and using explicit and violent language to describe raping her.

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Boulder also happens to be my hometown, which claims to be the most liberal place in Colorado but has consistently been in national people of color news for hate crimes including an incident where an Asian American student was held at knifepoint and forced to say "I love America" and another incident with a university publication article calling for a "war on Asians" and "hunt."

How is the "most liberal" town in Colorado the site of the majority of the state's high-profile hate crimes? political liberalism ≠ anti-racism

Margaret Cho, one of my perennial favorites, is starring in a new Lifetime show, Drop Dead Diva, this summer. Airing on July 12th, the show will also star Broadway actress, Brooke Elliott, according to Theater Mania. The show is about a shallow model reborn as a brilliant plus-size attorney, played by Elliott. Cho's role in the show is the attorney's assistant, serving as a comedic foil to Elliott's character.

See below for her first interview with CNN below, where she also talks about Asian Americans in the media, Betty Brown, her new term "Asian adjacent," her new music album, as well as her role in the queer community.


Our very own Nhu-Y Ngo gives some senior wisdom for the masses! The Blaaag will soon have these as well for our graduating '09ers. They will inevitably be more yellowbrown-centric and cracked out.

Some key references are elaborated upon below:

Acronyms - Vietnamese Students Association, Asian Pacific American Awareness Month, Asian American Alliance Political Committee, and Advocacy Coalition. All groups which are, I believe, The Shit.

Little brother - He has a love/hate relationship with chips and is perhaps unhinged in time.

The Solomon R. Chao Memorial Party Room - Camp-out room in Butler beginning Fall 2006, last witnessed Spring 2008. All Blaaagers and AAA/PC members have partaken in its festivities at some point in time. Important characteristics: Pepperidge Farm cookies, Ryan's verses on the whiteboard, Facebook Scrabble, smells of ass and strawberries.

There are more, but this reminds me of May Lin's Senior Wisdom back when I was just a little frosh.

From the KollabNY Fam:

Dear Kollaboration Friends,

As Kollaboration New York gets closer to the show on Saturday, June 27, 2009 one thing is certain. New York is the place for dreamers. Among its stoops, skyscrapers, and subway stations, there is an unmistakable undercurrent of dreams realized, on their way, taking shape. Getting closer.

In our pursuit of helping realize dreams, KNY has been blessed to receive the moral and artistic support of the New York music and entertainment community. A few local artists (not necessarily competitors) spent weeks to help put together this video in celebration of our mission. This project is a collaboration in the truest sense of the word. An homage to New York City, its dreamers, the pursuit of dreams...

To getting closer.

For details about the event, see Marilla's original post here. Tickets go on sale next week here.


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