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Margaret Cho, one of my perennial favorites, is starring in a new Lifetime show, Drop Dead Diva, this summer. Airing on July 12th, the show will also star Broadway actress, Brooke Elliott, according to Theater Mania. The show is about a shallow model reborn as a brilliant plus-size attorney, played by Elliott. Cho's role in the show is the attorney's assistant, serving as a comedic foil to Elliott's character.

See below for her first interview with CNN below, where she also talks about Asian Americans in the media, Betty Brown, her new term "Asian adjacent," her new music album, as well as her role in the queer community.


  1. Belle said...

    standard asian racist syndrome!

    cho makes a lot of outlandish statements... then i guess she is a comedian.

    she's married?!  

  2. Anonymous said...

    The show looks pretty bad actually.  


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