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Our very own Nhu-Y Ngo gives some senior wisdom for the masses! The Blaaag will soon have these as well for our graduating '09ers. They will inevitably be more yellowbrown-centric and cracked out.

Some key references are elaborated upon below:

Acronyms - Vietnamese Students Association, Asian Pacific American Awareness Month, Asian American Alliance Political Committee, and Advocacy Coalition. All groups which are, I believe, The Shit.

Little brother - He has a love/hate relationship with chips and is perhaps unhinged in time.

The Solomon R. Chao Memorial Party Room - Camp-out room in Butler beginning Fall 2006, last witnessed Spring 2008. All Blaaagers and AAA/PC members have partaken in its festivities at some point in time. Important characteristics: Pepperidge Farm cookies, Ryan's verses on the whiteboard, Facebook Scrabble, smells of ass and strawberries.

There are more, but this reminds me of May Lin's Senior Wisdom back when I was just a little frosh.


  1. Heiroku said...

    feet and strawberries, not ass  

  2. vivian said...

    can we request seniors to be profiled?  


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