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Affirmative Action Debate

The Columbia Political Union will be hosting a debate on affirmative action,between the College Democrats and College Republicans:

Sick and tired of the seemingly endless partisan debate? Well then, you're out of luck! Because, on Monday, February 23rd, the College Democrats and the College Republicans will face off in the first debate of the semester, moderated by the Columbia Political Union.

Debaters will be representing their own personal views and debating the following resolution:

Resolved: affirmative action is a policy at odds with equality and fairness
Okay, I would understand if the primary groups involved in this were debate groups. But they're not. They're political groups. So why are students of color groups (whose members are most directly affected by affirmative action) not directly involved in this discussion?


  1. Dennis said...

    word, marilla, word. unfort, this is reflective of political discourse outside of student communities too.  


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