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More on the NYU takeover

Reported by Rachel Smith, Richa Naik and Marc Beja. Compiled by Thomas Garry:

Just minutes before a planned 12 p.m. rally, Public Safety officers stormed Take Back NYU's third floor barricades, according to Emily Stainkamp, Take Back NYU's spokeswoman. Just past noon, five non-NYU students walked out of the front door of Kimmel Center after they were granted amnesty from the university for their peaceful cooperation. All remaining NYU students have been told they will be expelled, Stainkamp told WSN. Four NYU students have taken to the dining hall's balcony, because they said they are fearful of fifteen Public Safety officers who have entered the barricade. All students still inside Kimmel Center will either be suspended or arrested, according to university officials. "This morning the university summarily suspended the remaining students," university spokesman John Beckman said in a statement. "Any non-NYU students will be turned over to the police for arrest as trespassers; we will notify their schools of the participation in improper activity. Any students who refuse to identify themselves will be assumed to be non-NYU students."


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