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Gender, Sex and Intimacy: Translated for students of color
Satow Room
Thursday 2/19 @ 6:00PM

The United Students of Color Council would like to invite you to be part of "Gender, Sex and Intimacy: Translated for Students of Color." Along with Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Program (SVPRP), USCC wants to have this workshop to create a space for discussion about these important issues that students of color tend to avoid and are not usually talked about.

We will be exploring issues of consent, sexual violence, and gender role socialization, both as an outcome of internalized stereotypes and our volitional efforts to conform to them, in communities of color. In particular, we will look at how gender roles and stereotypes differ among racial groups and how that effects relationships, the devaluation of female student leadership on campus, and the silence on gendered violence as an attempt to prevent internal discord within disadvantaged groups and to preserve the image and praxis of a unified community of color. We will also be examining how these issues are influenced by greater institutional forms of inequality like racism and class-ism. The purpose of this workshop is to see how we can apply what we learn in order to create institutional memories for each group to build a culture of consent within our own communities.

Free dinner provided!



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