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Among one of AAA's major irritations last year was a certain gaff that occurred on The View out of the sweet mouth of Rosie O'Donnell. Let's see the clip, shall we?

(Nevermind the conservative source; they make the culprit out to be Rosie more than it is racism. Sarah Silverman did it too.)

Of course, we did what any socially-conscious college student would have. We made a Facebook group. But also, we brought together Political Committee and Chinese Students Club members to talk about the boundaries between humor and racism. The discussion, admittedly, was okay.

Still, seems like some things don't change. On Whoopi Goldberg's first day as co-host of The View, she defended Michael Vick with a little "cultural perspective". Basically, after saying that a pastime like dogfighting would be normal for Southerners, she drew the analogy that eating cats would be normal for the Chinese. Following the last View blunder not even a year ago, the show has not become more correct - much less fair to Chinese people.

Comedy as a defense? Excuse overdone, Whoopi. Besides, I don't believe that was anything short of offensively drawing up some perpetual, yet false, cultural differences.

Update: An amazing girl by the name of Ellen sent us this link to the reaction by slam poet Beau Sia to the 'ching chong' incident. Ellen, you ever see us let yourself be known, 'cause we're gonna shower you with AAA love. (Just after she attended our G-Body meeting, guys!)



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