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Carting off the Chinese

In a new article about the Chinese toy boycott, the NYT so tactfully conjures up this image:

Doesn't a white Lego figurine carting off an Asian-featured Lego figurine strike you as ... what's the word... interesting, to say the least? (Xenophobic? No, it couldn't be!)


  1. skyxie said...

    Compared to other articles and especially blogs that have emerged in the wake of recalls on products manufactured in China, this article is very reasonable and level headed. As the article states "For those who remained in Europe, the decision to keep most manufacturing there was driven more by economics than safety concerns, though the difficulty of controlling quality in far-away factories was also a factor." Indeed, companies avoided China for economic reasons (shipping from China to European be expensive) or because of safety concerns - safety concerns arising not from some judgment of how the Chinese view safety but rather the safety concerns that arise from having a distant factory.

    Also, here's an interesting article about just how difficult it is to live without the "Made in China" tag.


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