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Regarding CPI...

An ostentatiously large placard with a banner of the Community Principles Initiative was up on Low Plaza today...

Some questions: who created the CPI? Was it brought about by recent incidents of hate, or rather upsets with so-called community principles (i.e. Minutemen and "academic freedom")? Hate is still occurring on a near daily basis, and a sign of mainstream solidarity from those who can't see the problems is truly insufficient. I can't help but say that this statement from "the community" really cannot do much to change any kind of campus climate if it's unbacked by any meaningful kind of reform.

Our chair remarked that there were few other student of color groups at this board today. If any of us want real change, I think we can see why.

Among the signatures on the board, there were those from student governing boards, deans and public safety, student groups, fraternities/sororities; so along with our omnipresent chair, I signed the thing also... (And in retrospect, the regret I'm feeling for having lent support to something so ultimately inconsequential is pretty enormous.)

If you really want to see change on this campus, support the ad hoc coalition and see that these demands are met. Read about them here. They cover four areas of necessary change: Administrative Reform, Ethnic Studies, the Manhattanville Expansion, and the Core Curriculum. Take a real stand.



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