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What is Asian American Studies?
Why do we need AAS when we have EALAC & MEALAC?
How does it relate to life beyond college?

Join us for a teach-in on Asian American Studies, tonight 8pm in Lerner E569! Come meet some of our most beloved professors like Mae Ngai and Gary Okihiro. I would leave it there, but our writer Nhu-Y wrote too many hilarious things onto the Facebook event.

Other serious questions of inquiry:
Why is it so interdisciplinaryly sexy?
How does it transcend the hotness of other fields?
Is AAS so hot that it intimidates you?
Why does AAS drop it like its hot all the time?
Can AAS really walk it out?
Will my biology major get jealous if I want to do AAS too?

Get academically crunk. MMM ACADEMIA.

After seeing this I had to ask... Was Nhu-Y done? No.

Why does it combine history & sociology & other fields to make such hot babies?
Too nervous to approach AAS? Well, now you can in a low-key environment. Don't worry if you can't perform... AAS is hot, but so many people don't hit on it because they're afraid of being rejected... well, AAS is waiting.

(Nhu-Y: i really was going to make a bunch of rap song references but i was like hmm... appropriate?)

And oh right, ... free food! Be there!


  1. Nhu-Y said...

    haha david you made a "nhu-y" tag. totes awkward, my friend.  

  2. David said...

    Lol, a tag only for the hilarious things you do/say. (I hope it doesn't get abused next semester... (Oh snap!))  


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