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The Justice Will Be Served! campaign is alive and kicking. Check out their newest action against Ollie's, (blogged by the NYT here) another chapter in the fight against discriminatory practices at restaurants like Saigon Grill and Flor de Mayo, among others. Nice going!

In other news, my sister's gifting me a copy of Chang-Rae Lee's Native Speaker when I get home this winter. Will The Blaaag start doing book reviews? (Uhm, depends how quickly I finish...) Oh wait, don't we have two Blaaag writers in Wen Jin's Asian American Literature? Riiight.

P.S. There's good news over at the hunger strike blog. Check it out! (Three of four issues conceded upon? Yes.)

P.P.S. Our co-editor Mar got a picture in the Spectator h-strike vigil slideshow. (Picture nine, here.)



  1. skyxie said...

    Half of Karen Leung's face was also featured on the cover of Monday's Spectator. I don't know if anybody noticed but I did. =)  

  2. skyxie said...

    ... Alright I just realized how creepy my previous comment sounded.  

  3. David said...

    I noticed, too!!! Tian, you're def no creepier than I am!  

  4. SoHo said...

    you both are creepy.  


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