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A message of solidarity from AAA to AAA.

A Harvard Crimson article describes the ways that campaigns for Asian American Studies at Harvard University have over 20+ years risen and fallen, while actual programs in AAS at other schools such as University of Pennsylvania and Cornell have thrived. (UPenn is even bringing in Kal Penn as a visiting professor in the spring of '08. Damn, that's impressive.)

While we hope that Harvard comes around soon concerning what should be an anachronism in the lack of ethnic studies (or in this case Asian American) course offerings, we support fully the progressive endeavors that students there (including their AAA, the Asian American Association) are taking to instate such a program/department.

Whether or not students there are ready to undertake such activist measures such as hunger strikes (as we did in '96 for both Latino and Asian American Studies following similar successes at schools all across the country), the AAA of Columbia is willing to aid this and all campaigns for Asian American Studies in all ways possible. (With two of our senior advisers as chairs of NAASCon and more of our members and constituents as activists in this cause, we're more than happy to offer help! Just let us know...)

And for all students wishing to bring about Asian American Studies at their respective institutions, take a look at this NAASCon student advocate's guide to campaigning for Asian American Studies.

P.S. Whooa, history professor Mae Ngai apparently turned down Harvard for our ethnic studies program... We're eternally grateful, 'cause I hear she's a kickass (and hardcore) teacher.



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