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Fallout Central has finally caught NYCAASC fever. Through a chain of e-mails, they requested that David go down and talk on the air about the conference. Through another chain of e-mails, "just David" became three two Co-Directors and one Workshop Coordinator. Fortunately, that group includes includes David, Nhu-Y (she isn't feeling well) and myself -- the Blaaagers whom you know and love (or hate, whichever). Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing how the Fallout Central guys will handle three two female Co-Directors on their show, given their noted pattern of ignorance towards issues concerning female Asian Americans. Stay tuned for the podcast link. (Update: See Listening to ourselves talk)

We'll be down at the FC headquarters in Union Square 1-4 PM, and then at NYU Tisch 4-6 PM for our weekly conference planning meeting.


  1. Nhu-Y said...

    "Nhu-Y (3-23-08: she isn't feeling well)"

    let's post all of the blaaagers vital signs as well.

    peace love & chicken noodle soup (or the rice porridge stuff my mom makes me eat),


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