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I really don't have time (in the midst of studying for a midterm) to write an extensive post about this recent blogging phenomena I just found out from Racialicious, but you just have to check this out...

Recently three (maybe more?) blogs inspired by Stuff White People Like have popped up online. These blogs include: Stuff Asian People Like, Stuff Black People Love, and Stuff Educated Black People Like.

I like to think of these blogs as "Stuff White People Like About Asian/Black/Educated Black People" blogs, which are kind of meta-parodies of defensive white people themselves.

But ironically, these are lists self-purportedly compiled by Asian/Black/Educated people themselves. I may be just wrong about the tone and intent of these blogs, but these are interesting things to think about - the self-parody of one's own culture/race/ identity. (Or they may actually be written by white people behind the strategically race-effacing interweb.)

Still, I think what changes when we see blogs like these spring up are the types of insight that they display. SWhitePL spoke to issues that illuminate white privilege - (things like Graduate School, which people of color disproportionately do not have the financial independence to pursue in lieu of making money.) The new blogs just make fun of aspects of their respective cultures; the SAsianPL blog just sheds light upon how, say, Asian people like rice. Why, we do happen to like rice.

What do you think? Thoughts in the comments.



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