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Progressive hapa film director Eric Byler has produced another film in his series on 9500 Liberty in Prince William County, VA. Take a look! Below the embed is his own writing.

Our latest 9500 Liberty video is an important piece of the immigration puzzle in Prince William County, VA.

If enough people see this, we may improve the lives of immigrants and other residents of Prince William who are watching county's social fabric fall apart as immigrants flee in droves and the economy and housing markets plummet as a result. The video encourages the Chairman of the Board of Supvervisors to distance himself from a hate group (so classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center). If the Chairman does indeed separate from his former political allies, we may recover from this period of racial tension and division much sooner than I thought

Also, if you have a cogent voice to lend us, please comment on the video on the new blog www.antiBVBL.net, established by a moderate (and kind-hearted) Republican, as a beacon of hope and reason.




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