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Hey all, Gautam from the Asian American Action Fund sent The Blaaag this to publicize - Take a look! The deadline is next week!


Looking for something to do in LA this summer — along with roundtrip airfare to our nation's capital? If this piques your interest, please apply for AAA-Fund's Political Empowerment Internship.

We are looking for a bright, sincere and politically savvy intern to spearhead our business and communications strategy. Our intern will be based in LA, and will be flown to DC to help with our June 10 Gala.

Our Political Empowerment Intern will have 3 main responsibilities:

(a) Spearhead AAA-Fund's business and media strategy;

(b) Help coordinate our June 10 Gala and other AAA-Fund events; and

(c) Write regular blog pieces, newsletters and press releases.

Our Political Empowerment Intern will receive a summer stipend of $1000. We ask that our intern start in mid-May, and devote at least 10 weeks on a full-time basis. Please email your resume and cover letter by April 23 to info@aaa-fund.org (attn: Gautam Dutta, Esq., AAA-Fund Executive Director).



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