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Name, School
Tian Xie, SEAS '08

Greatest personal feat of genius, AAA-wise?
Photoshopping the protagonists of Akira Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai into a rock band and a Chinese watercolor into a hip-hop poster for Culture Shock in November 2006. My proudest moment came when a friend asked, "Why are only their instruments in color?"

Fondest memory?
How about the lack thereof at Aftershock, the Culture Shock after party, in Fall of 2006? Actually, I think my lack of memory at Round Three might have been better.

Favorite weekend hangout?
The now defunct Club Excelsior.

Pick your poison, in five words or less.
Vodka Gimlet on the rocks

Name the Asian American activist you think would be best in bed.
Regie Cabico, because he's always ready to go back stage.

Favorite Asian American political cause and why?
Immigration reform because we're currently reaching a watershed moment where major reforms must be made to our broken immigration policy and because I am an immigrant myself.

Favorite AAA yearly/semesterly tradition?
Culture Shock, watching all of your hard work and effort come together in one spectacular evening of performances is just awesome and supremely cathartic.

What would you sooner eat: seasoned cow penis or blended hot peppers?
Most certainly seasoned cow penis. I've already tried unseasoned boiled cow penis and I generally found it large, hard, and ultimately unremarkable. Plus, following along the lines of Cartesian dualism (thank you Columbia education), cow penis is only mentally discomforting whereas hot peppers are (extremely) physically discomforting.

What you'll miss most about AAA, post-graduation
The activism, the community, everything. Honestly, I have no idea how I can stay active in the APA community post-graduation. Considering all the other alumni I know, after graduation you either immerse yourself entirely in community activism by making it your full-time job or you focus on your uninvolved full-time job that leaves you with only a desire to get shit-faced at every moment of free time. Considering that I am already excluded from the former, I will probably resemble the latter (especially on weekends).

Where can we expect to see you in ten years?
I wish I could provide a satisfactory answer to this question for myself, that would at least make my relationship with my parents a lot easier. But dreams aside, there's always Starbucks.

What are three things you would tell the AAA board of 2012-2013?
1) Fewer bigger events. Rather than trying to hold an unmemorable event every week, hold one or two unique events per semester
2) Make an effort to get to know each other. Call each other out and hang out on your free time, whether its runs to Hamdel, study rooms in Butler, karaoke, dinner, happy hour at The Heights whatever.
3) Legend speaks of a keystone located at the 96th street subway stop along the 1, 2, and 3 lines. Look for the guardian dolphins, they will guide you to it.


  1. David said...

    Tian. Only three characters can express how I feel about you leaving... <\3

    Seriously, you will be sorely missed. Don't get too shitfaced... or rather, do it more with us instead.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Goodies only come to those who read The Blaaag closely.



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