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The new face of Sulu

While I don't think we Blaaagers can seriously call ourselves Trekkies, here's an exciting promotional poster of John Cho's portrayal of Sulu in the 2009 Star Trek (... directed by JJ Abrams!) Four were released yesterday at the Star Trek convention in Vegas... yadda yadda... here it is!

It's perhaps commendable that Star Trek, having been (I think?) a statement upon racial and social egalitarianism, did not recast Sulu as another "normative" chump the way other franchises might have. Anyhow, enjoy these until the movie comes out! And because I wouldn't feel right without mentioning the original Sulu, here's the guy who paved this road - George Takei.


  1. Marilla said...

    George Takei could totally beat John Cho in a fight. No question.  

  2. tr3x said...

    im glad you guys are still posting. keep up the gud werk.  


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