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Samhita over at Feministing recently compiled a Tuesday Ten list of "feminist friendly male bloggers":

I have been thinking about highlighting men that do feminist work in their blogging (sort of in the vain [sic] of Twanna's Manly Monday, but different trajectory). Many of these men, I don't know personally, so I will not say they are feminists, however, in much of their writing I have found they support many of my ideals.
Okay, so, David and I don't blog much these days (see From the Editors), but I still read a ton of other people's writing. (Google Reader, you're my lifesaver!) Let's get this straight... Feministing is probably one of the best feminist blogs out there, I read it all the time. So I'm still recovering from the fact that two Asian American male bloggers, whom I've met, are on a list from one of my favorite feminist blogs. Talk about serious intersectionality.

As for my initial reaction to Kai and Phil Yu being on the list: I definitely can see how Kai would be listed as feminist-friendly (he's a sweetheart); but Phil Yu? I always thought that Angry Asian Man was pretty silent on women's issues (if this isn't the case, correct me... I'm not up to date on AAM). So what exactly does this mean? Does non-sexist blogging equate to feminist-friendly blogging? I'm hoping that this isn't the case... please discuss.

Edit: So I see that Phil Yu wrote an entry defending Sandra Oh in response to SandraOhIsUgly.com; still... feminist friendly? Hard to tell.


  1. Marilla said...

    I wrote Phil Yu about this; and this is his response:

    Thanks for writing... I did come across the Feministing post today, when I started noticing a bunch of hits coming from there to AAM. To be honest, it's flattering, but I really don't feel worthy to be named there. It's not that I don't consider myself a feminist, to a degree. I guess it's just never been my strong suit to write about such issues directly--I'm a dude, and I write what I know. But I'm married to one of the most badass feminists I know, so maybe that helps. In any case, it's an honor to be mentioned amongst such company...

    So there you have it - Phil does not self-identify as a feminist blogger. I'm proud to have called that one.  


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