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A Defense of Sweatshops?

Partly in line with Marilla's post regarding the NYT's article about foreign relations and human trafficking, here's another one just in from The Gray Lady. This also continues in The Blaaag's very controversial Hawk Series, in which this writer very hawkishly vents on whatever is irritating his Asian Am sensibilities at the moment.

Nicholas Kristof files a op-ed and video report saying that sweatshops, for all of their negative connotations, are still desired opportunities for the world's poor, and ones that are threatened if manufacturing jobs are returned and kept in the States. In this way, Kristof suggests that Obama and the nations new leaders consider poverty abroad while planning a middle class economy boost at home. You can watch the video at http://video.nytimes.com/ and read the article here.

It's hard for me to think that sweatshops can be reduced to just a necessary evil. The problem was much deeper than sweatshops to begin with. Kristof may need some 101 lessons in underdevelopment and world systems of labor before visiting a place like Cambodia in his hip journalistic style. Lastly, this op-ed is considerably more dumb than the one he did on iodizing salt in Pakistan for IQ points.

Okay, that's all for now. Back to being sad about Gaza.


  1. Marilla said...

    "Hawk Series"? What?  

  2. David said...


    By "hawk", I mean warlike... you know... dove vs. hawk. I dunno if anyone else uses it that way. (I've been in China too long, OKAY?)  


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