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APAAM seeks a Webmaster

Interested in being a part of Asian Pacific American Awareness Month (APAAM)?

APAAM, held in April at Columbia, is an annual celebration which allows for members of diverse backgrounds to come together to learn, share, and grow with each other and the Columbia community as a whole. If you're interested in bringing notable Asian Americans to campus, collaborating with Asian interest groups and other groups on campus, bringing the APA community together, working with city organizations, planning great events that reflect the whole diversity of our community, and much, much more, please apply! For more information about APAAM, check out last year's website at http://www.cuapaam.com/

We are currently interviewing for the position of WEBMASTER/WEBMISTRESS

The APAAM webmaster will be in charge of maintaining and updating of the official APAAM website. Candidates should definitely be well versed in HTML and preferably also Flash and PHP. For those interested, the current site is located at

Please email apaam2009@gmail.com with the following:
1) Name
2) School/Year
3) Phone Number
4) E-mail
5) Any prior experience working with student groups at Columbia (None required!)
6) A few sentence
s describing why you are interested in joining APAAM.

All applications will be due by 11:59PM on Tuesday, Feb 17th!



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