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Dear AAA

What? How did you get an entire entry devoted to your event, Game of Love, on Bwog? Which member is connected to the Bwog staff that we don't know about? Could it be EC 1412's infamous Tony Gong (who's not really in AAA, but is peripherally connected)? Could it be a friend of USCC Rep Evan Omi? Mystery! Maybe I'm reading too far into this. After all, Bwog does take requests for special entries. That's how this damn thing got out, anyway. Also, oops, I think Game of Love is over. Way for me to be a prompt blogger.


  1. Marilla said...

    David: we're at a point where we use the blaaag to actually talk to aaa

    "The official blog of the Columbia University Asian American Alliance" indeed.  


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