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Expansion Town Hall TODAY

What should Columbia's relationship to the Harlem community be like, before and after the expansion?

What is the role of Columbia students in making positive change on and off campus?

How do issues of power and privilege work into this?

Just a quick reminder, that today, SCEG is hosting a townhall around issues of expansion and gentrification facilitated by ROOTed. We had a tremendously successful event at Floridita advocating for maintaining that restaurant in the community a couple weeks ago, and we want to maintain the energy by keeping people thinking critically about these issues, with an eye to seeing what kind of actions can be taken in the future. Come speak up about your own personal experience and the type of Columbia you would like to see.

So, come take a study break with ROOTed, SCEG, and all your friends this Saturday (that's today) at 4 PM in Lerner 555. Free pizza will be provided for all who come!

If there are any questions, please email SCEG at sceg@lists.riseup.net or call 267-255-0149.

Thanks, and hope to see you there!



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