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A week ago, our friend, ally, and graduating senior Christina Chen forwarded a message from Larry Tantay and Dennis Chin (the man whom I love to give shoutouts), who are participating in the Amazingly Queer Race for Economic Justice, which is a fundraising benefit "for a great cause: fighting poverty and homelessness in the LGBT community. Nurture your inner child, challenge your friends and co-workers, and have fun while supporting the community and drawing some good karma".

Larry and Dennis have been posting vlogs to update friends, family, and lovers on the progress of their fundraising (hint: see 3:55):

The race is on Saturday, May 30th, so be sure to show up and show your support!

Holla for that dolla! Larry and Dennis need $$$ to race!!

A fundraising page by Larry Tantay
Hello family, chosen family, colleagues, lovers, and soon-to-be-lovers,

Our team (the FOBs - Fabulous, Outrageous Bitches) has just registered for the Amazingly Queer Race for Economic Justice.

The race is a competitive scavenger hunt here in NYC for prizes and sweet sweet glory, but most importantly a great cause: challenging and changing the structures and institutions that create poverty and economic injustice in queer communities.

We want to raise $700 for this race and we really need your help to get us there before the deadline, which is in a few days.

Can you give $20 to support this great cause? If you do, we'll give you love in our vlog. Check out our first vlog here:


$20 would be great, but anything you can give means so much. You can make your secure donation below.

When we take the prize (which you know we will - I mean, two sexy Asian men with even sexier politics. How could we lose?) we'll be sure to include you in our victory speech.

One time for the Gaysians!


We love you all,



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