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A few months ago, we asked six graduating AAAPC amazians to fill out fairly extensive senior profiles for us. Only one did. Regardless, two months out of school these dedicated and passionate people are doing incredible things left and right.

A brief overview of what some of these '09 graduates are up to... because we can get tired nagging them for their profiles. I'll keep this short and first names only (and in no particular order) so as to keep stalker activity to a minimum.

PC/SAAS members Joanne and Saffiyah are prepping for Teach For America, in the Bronx and New Orleans, respectively. I am reminded they also have a bajonk number of additional affiliations, including NYCAASC and ROOTEd/MSA/APAAM/USCC, respectively.

Fellow Blaaager and NYCAASC/APAAM/SAAS/AdCo/PC matriarch Nhu-Y is working at the Migration Policy Institute. Word out on the street is she might work at somewhere awesome in NYC in the future? (Am I being very careful?)

Fellow Blaaager and APAAM/PC/USCC/NAASCon/lots-of-things member Ryan is working on the Hate Crimes Prevention Art Project, in affiliation with OCA-NY, Ana Luisa Garcia Community Center, SAYA!, and Chinatown Youth Initiatives. We see his web design/Photoshop skills remain in good shape.

Blaaager-wannabe and PC/USCC/NAASCon rock star Christina is an intern for the Applied Research Center. We're seeing some awesome articles by her on Racewire, concerning topics ranging from children's healthcare to hate crimes to Michael Jackson. We only wish she wrote for us when she was here!

PC/SAAS/AdCo member and consummate foodie Jamie is in South Dakota, working for Re-Member, an advocacy organization for the Oglala Lakota Nation on the Pine Ridge Reservation. She's enjoying the vast open space, Midwest thunderstorms, and roving buffalo.

If you're a senior who has yet to send in your profile, please do! We'd love to hear about the little details.


  1. David said...

    too many links. lol.  

  2. Marilla said...

    Update: Both Nhu-Y and Ryan now have paid jobs! Huzzah!  


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