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If you remember our last (and only) Senior Profile post back in May, then you already know that our beloved '09ers have trouble responding to Blaaag-related requests. We still love them, but with a bit of added sadness that they're holding out on the awesome stories (which we know exist; we've partied with them, after all).

Name, school
Nhu-Y Ngo, Columbia College

Lincoln, Nebraska (technically Hue, Vietnam--I'm transnational, baby)

Greatest achievement
Being the first in my family to graduate from college and being a somewhat respectable role model for my three younger siblings. And inciting dance offs at Curry in a Hurry and NYCAASC, respectively.

Most hilarious anecdote from student organizing
I once was called an "illegal" at a city council meeting in Fremont, Nebraska. My absurd sense of humor makes me think its hilarious. Tragic, a bit, but totes hilarious.

Favorite yearly/semesterly tradition
How insane/irrational/illogical/ridiculous everyone becomes during finals/term paper season, so much so that they don't mind my painful cries (known in the AAAPC circle as "Ngoises").

Fondest memory of AAA/PC

The late night runs to Hamilton Deli, and the lovely friends I have made. Awwwzz. And when some of us drove non-stop from New York to Atlanta for NAASCon...and back. The Cracker Barrel stops along the way were worth it.

Favorite neighborhood haunt

I really like La Negrita, day and night. Though it has poor lighting for reading during the day.

Your weakness or poison, five words or less

Saji's chicken katsu

The name of your future dissertation

I'm not sure, but I know it will most likely involve Beyonce and immigration history.

What you'll miss most and least about Barnard/Columbia, post-grad

I'll definitely miss the friends I saw regularly on campus (who are now spread throughout the United States and world, doing a-ma-zing things!), the interesting conversations, the requisite college angst, the time to explore my interests and call it academia, and the four boys & supporters of EC1412. I won't miss the twisted excitement I experienced when the Red Bull promoters rolled up to Columbia with free energy drinks.

Where we can find you in ten years

A few years out of law school and most likely having life crisis number three.

Where we can find you in thirty years

Sipping sweet tea on a porch, hopefully living near a lake with my family, contemplating that life crisis I had twenty years prior, and doing what I love.

Dream occupation(s) other than the one you're pursuing?

I want to be a public interest attorney, but secretly, I want to write for MTV reality TV shows.

Three words of advice for incoming AAA/PC'ers in the 2013 class

1) Take care of yourself. Self-care is extremely important, especially when balancing school, life, activities, relationships, etc. It's good to take time out for yourself.
2) I had some great mentors during my college career, and I encourage you to seek them out. They can be profs, staff, upperclassmen, etc. And once you're an "upperclassmen," mentor others.
3) Obviously, challenge yourself and everything you believe. Don't think in absolutes and dichotomies. Everything is annoyingly nuanced--it'll drive you insane. That's a good thing.


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