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Spotlight on Dartmouth

Congratulations to Dartmouth for being one of APAP (APA for Progress) and Angry Asian Man's "Best Colleges and Universities for AAPI Students!" Among other things, Dartmouth is cited for its student involvement in various intiatives in coalition-building, furthering the institutionalization of Asian American Studies, and community service. What I am personally most jealous about is the (hott with two T's) list of Asian American stars they've hosted: Helen Zia, Maxine Hong Kingston, Gary Okihiro, Captain and Chaplain James Yee, Valerie Kaur, Mari Matsuda, Frank Wu, Shilpa Dave, Margaret Cho, David Choe, the Slant Performance Group, and Lisa Lowe. C'mon Columbia, we've got some catchin' up to do! [There will be plenty of this at CultureSHOCK, in case you were wondering...]

So, way to go Dartmouth! But for those of you who are thinking, "Let's take 'em down," take a moment to nominate COLUMBIA!

NOTE: For the full article about Dartmouth from the APAP website, click here.


  1. Calvin/soho said...

    i nominated Columbia on the first day this contest opened. hopefully they got to see it.  

  2. Anonymous said...


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