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Hey, all: this is Annie, all the way from Hong Kong catching you up on the latest news. It still baffles me somehow to see so many Asians in office here in Hong Kong, as I'm generally not used to the sight back in New York or in America in general. I'm taking a class here called "Hong Kong and the World," which is all about Hong Kong's role in this globalizing world; it's been really interesting so far. I recently got to hear Margaret Ng, Legislative Councillor, speak about rule of law over here in Hong Kong and the ever-confusing Chinese influence on Hong Kong (well, at least to me: I have a lot to learn). But enough about Hong Kong. Here's the real news:

I found out via multiple Facebook postings/statuses/etc. that John Liu recently won his runoff election against David Yassky (as the Times reports)! While the poll sites were pretty empty on the 29th (as is typically the case for runoffs), Liu won convincingly, beating Yassky 56-44, and will face Joseph Mendola in November to become Comptroller, the equivalent of the city's accountant. Although Liu's rival for Comptroller, Joseph Mendola, is a Columbia Law School graduate himself, I'm sure the Columbia Blaaag crew would agree with me that it'd be much more interesting to see NYC's first Asian council member become NYC's first Asian-American comptroller. Congrats, Liu! (Although a Daily News editorial doesn't seem so quick to congratulate him or his campaign financing)


  1. Belle said...

    I really want to take Hong Kong and the World. We'll see. :D  

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