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Blaaag Wisdom: David Zhou

1. Name: David Zhou
2. Plans after graduation: Flying places, biking places, workin' on my knowledgez! Aka traveling and more school.
3. Favorite hang out spot(s) on campus: Any room in which you can see the sunset over New Jersey. Any kitchen where friends convene to cook.
4. Things you wish you knew earlier in your college career: How incredible the consent orientation training + program is, how to use student power effectively, and the glory of Beyoncé Knowles.
5. If you had the power, how would you remedy the current oil 'spill'? That's a big "if". I want to bankrupt BP, but I want a lot of things.
6. Additional comments: (1) Listen to people, critically. (2) Be open to ideas, but never take them for granted. (3) Lastly, while there is no substitute for being a kind human being, you don't have to be nice to do good. Trouble the water. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was short, sweet and - hey - written in a student magazine: "Pick fights. Those are my two words of advice to future generations... (1) Pick (2) Fights."



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