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Here are some AAA-related events that happened/are happening/will happen during this hell hole of a week:

  • National Walkout for Jena 6 (and, in Columbia's case, for SIPA)
  • Ethnic Studies Meet & Greet
  • Documentary screening for Finishing the Game, as well as a meet and greet with members of the cast and crew (yes, we got numbers; no, we will not disclose them)
  • KSA Date Auction (where people dance, sing, and do crazy things for money) at Tokyo Pop
  • IFC premiere of Finishing the Game (Look out for AAA members in yellow jumpsuits)
  • KAPA Voter Registration Drives at the Korean Day Parade in Manhattan
  • Brownscape Made in India screening
& here's an example of yet another racially charged crime.
(Thanks, Nhu-Y)

(Still in London!)



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