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This Friday on October 5th, Carmen Van Kerckhove, CC '99, of New Demographic will conduct a workshop for Columbia's Center for Career Education on racial stereotypes in the workplace.

"Racial stereotypes impact our perceptions of and interactions with others and are often at the root of workplace diversity issues. This seminar examines the most common racial stereotypes—both negative and positive—and demonstrates how these widespread ideas can manifest themselves in the workplace. Building consciousness around these stereotypes will help your employees to proactively examine and improve their interpersonal interactions within the company, as well as with external clients."

So The Blaaag, as tremendous fans of Carmen (she was the keynote speaker for the 1st Annual New York City Asian American Student Conference in which AAA took part spring this year) is telling you to do the following things:

  1. Register for the event online here.
  2. Join the Facebook event.
  3. Email Carmen at carmen@newdemographic.com if there are any specific questions or issues you would like addressed.
  4. Come on Friday. The workshop will be from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the Broadway Room of Lerner Hall.

Carmen is the president and co-founder of New Demographic, an anti-racism training company. She also writes for four (4!) of her own blogs: Addicted to Race, Racialicious, Anti-Racist Parent, and Race in the Workplace.


  1. lora said...

    better yet, register on the CCE website here before the deadline passes! definitely an event/speaker you can't miss.  


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