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The Hunger Strike, Day One

"The Blaaag gets full access," Bryan Mercer remarked as I apologetically pulled out a camera and snapped flash photos of our surroundings. At 11:10 pm, the temperature outside was below 40 deg. F (and dropping), thus stiffening bodies that were already layered in coats and blankets. Strikers and supporters debated spending the night in Malcolm X Lounge due to the cold; before David and I left at 12:30 am, everyone settled on staying outside and began undoing their sleeping bags.

Strewn across the grass were articles for warmth. The third tent held rolled up banners that read: "CORE REFORM"; "THE PEOPLE WILL RULE"; "ETHNIC STUDIES NOW"; "EXPAND WITH RESPECT".

Apart from the unchanging group of hunger strikers, students constantly came in and out to help set up, bring blankets, speak to peers, and crack jokes. Some went onto Facebook with their laptops and phones, making updates and reading messages of encouragement. Discussion ensued about Thursday's rally and the nightly vigils. All in all, the setting was enthusiastic, tense, supportive, aesthetically lacking (one supporter observed "this place looks like a shantytown!"), and hopeful. All of the things one might expect from a first night.

Most importantly, some administrators had informally met with students to plan future negotiations. As compared to the nine days that it took for administrators to speak to students in '96, this step shows unprecedented promise. Such progress that has been set in motion by the strike is exactly what participating students are fighting for. Yet it is one minor change and there will always be room for greater ones.

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