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Tomorrow, six Columbia students will be participating in a hunger strike advocating demands released on October 31 by an ad-hoc coalition of students and activists.

This moment of escalation is not out of thin air. The issues of ethnic studies, expansion and gentrification, and the Core as well as the administrative struggles that have accompanied these movements have brewed too long with zero recognition from those in power. The time to take action is now.

Of course, The Blaaag has the exclusive on this one. Why? One of our writers is hunger striking, another (me) is helping the support and outreach teams for the strikers, and two more will be working negotiations and outreach for these demands while the strike and further escalation occurs.

Read the demands here. Join the Facebook group. ... and here's the campus media.

Join the strikers and all of us at the Sundial on College Walk at noon tomorrow. Wear blue to show your solidarity. Come to vigils nightly at 9pm also at the Sundial.


  1. tr3x said...

    mad respect. lemme know if you guys need anything  


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