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We at The Blaaag hope that you've been engaged and empowered by the commentary that we've offered here on this blog over the past semester. Have you been inspired by the issues we've discussed? Would you like to contribute next semester? This is your chance. Openings are available for contributing positions on this blog.

The only requirements are that 1. you write well, 2. you write often, and 3. you understand a little about the issues which we have discussed here on The Blaaag with respect to Asian Americana and its implications for the Barnard/Columbia community.

Just fill out the questions below and send it to theblaaag@gmail.com!


The Blaaag: The Weblog of the Asian American Alliance
Application for Contributors

Affiliation to AAA:

What functions or roles do you think a blog of AAA serves? There is no correct response.

How many hours a day do you spend on the internet? We don't judge.

Not everyone is as glued to the internet as we might be. How would you increase readership of this blog?

What topics regarding APA issues, social and political concerns, and relevant current events most interest you? Please be specific. ( i.e. 'Saigon Grill', not 'fair wages'.)

Of one of the above topics, please write a short sample post. (No more than 150 words, please.)




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