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Top 10 Crazy Entries List

Now that it's over, we can say so for sure -- Fall '07 was insane, funny, sad, and scary all at once. So which entries took the cake for mind-blowingness? Here's a Top 10 List:

  1. NYPD officers arrest a student in what seems to be a racially charged incident.

  2. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Baller or not?

  3. Racist graffiti is found at SIPA.

  4. And, at Teacher's College, a noose.

  5. The hunger strike (and Al Jazeera).

  6. The nail salon workers get a new victory!

  7. E!Online's Kristin calls Masi "squinty".
    David thinks it's racist, but Angry Asian Man's Phil Yu disagrees. A 17-comment argument (and some private e-mailing) follows.

  8. Roger Fan and Sung Kang's appear at Columbia, inspiring the entry, "Introducing the Roger Fan Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Collection".

  9. During Heroes Season 2, David becomes a recapper for Racialicious.

  10. Susan Mayer sparks up a whole lot of trouble and, finally, an apology.
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