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As I sat in Roone Arledge Cinema earlier this month, watching Roger Fan, Sung Kang, and the rest of the Finishing the Game crew entertain the Columbia crowd, I was fixated on one thing: Roger Fan's shirt. Being Roger's "friend" on Facebook (hey, I met him at the 2007 OCA Convention in Sacramento, okay?), I am often notified of his newly tagged photos. His photo number count has gone up considerably because of the Finishing the Game college tour. They're always quaint photos. They include the classic themes--Cute College Girl and Roger, with his million dollar, former investment banker smile, and not to mention an awkward caption written by Cute Girl. It is usually something like, "omg i was sooo nervous". Or maybe a photo with College Alpha Male, who often attempts to assert his masculinity by either making a ridiculous pose or not smiling. Stoicism is the way to go. Captions run the gamut of "my Taiwanese brother" or "shit, it's Daric from Better Luck Tomorrow. SHIT." But I digress with these analyses.

Roger Fan's shirt. It seemed too familiar to me. So, that night, as I was uploading photos (obviously I spend too much time on Facebook...) and tagging Roger in one of them, I perused his other college tour pictures, and noticed a trend. Roger Fan wears the same two shirts all the time--the bird shirt and the striped shirt. I'm sure he owns many more shirts, but why, Roger? Perhaps it is the constant traveling, but the normal carry-on is fairly roomy. I cannot conclude at a rational explanation, so I leave you with photos.

The Roger Fan Collection
[Click on the pictures for larger images]

APA 5 Conference - The Striped Shirt, and Another Shirt!

Columbia University in October - The Bird Shirt

Texas - The Bird Shirt Part II

DC APA Film Festival - The Striped Shirt Returns

UC Irvine - The Striped Shirt Never Dies

UPenn - Attack of the Bird Shirt

OCA Convention 2007 - The Great Striped Shirt Surprise

Roger Fan, Fashionista

After a while of looking through the photos, I also noticed Sung Kang's affection for a particular black, long-sleeved sweater. I then realized how creepy I was being, and stopped, but the two shirts live on through many other Facebook documented photos. I now return to midterms hell.


  1. ViVA said...

    that man with the striped shirt totally ruined our progressive prom picture. it was so beautiful until the attack of striped shirt.


  2. David said...

    ... and so The Blaaag begins the slow descent into gossip. (Kidding.)

    Hahahahaha... Thanks Nhu-Y for this post! (Glad I'm not the only creepy person aboard The Blaaag.)  

  3. Heiroku said...

    i think we're all creepy, in our own ways... *coughOCMcough*  

  4. skyxie said...

    Wow, uhm, what excellent observation skills. I never would have noticed myself.

    Maybe he just has many of the same bird shirt and many of the same striped shirt?

    Now if this article gets linked from angryasianman.com, that would be AWESOME, especially since you know Roger Fan would see it =P.  

  5. Caroline said...

    dude, they were all probably packing lightly since they had to tour practically all of america. it's not a big deal to wear the same clothes as long as they're clean :P
    well, unless you're a female celebrity making major gossip mag headlines. then you can't ever rewear your nice clothes!  


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