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[Update 1:03pm: The student, his friends, and Dean Nair didn't show; I left early, but maybe the other present members (three of which are Blaaagers) can show some more insight.]

Looking at the racial hate crimes that have happened since, it's been a long time since anyone's heard about the confrontation between the NYPD and the SEAS student. Many concerned members of AAA have been scrambling to pull stuff together concerning everything else that's happened (and, quoting David, "administrative red tape is a pain in the ass"); consequently, little progress was made.

But maybe today will break the silence.

At 10am today, five members of AAA & AAA PC will be in Lerner to meet with the said student, his two friends, Columbia Public Safety, Dean Colombo, Dean Nair, and Dean Schollenberger to discuss the larger issue of racial bias within the NYPD, determine the next line of action, and hopefully take those steps so that we can improve the campus community.

The meeting is a closed event, but feel free to gather outside.


  1. Nhu-Y said...

    Update 1:03pm: The student, his friends, and Dean Nair didn't show

    you serious?  


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