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Get educated!

Who would have the audacity to hang a noose over a professor's door? How did this violent symbold make a cameo on our campus? It's not so far fetched if you consider Columbia University's plan to displace 500 black and Latino people from their homes in West Harlem. The university denies resources to programs such as Ethnic Studies that teach the histories of the very people who will lose their homes. What kind of place facilitates a lynch symbol? Columbia University does.


Last week, SPEaK met to discuss the Manhattanville expansion issue as tied to Ethnic Studies and the recent hate crimes on campus. After hours of brutal planning, a "Workshop on Campus Climate" became a reality:

A workshop this Wednesday, October 17th @ 9pm in the Bway Sky Lounge to address the how-tos of resolving the issues concerning marginalized students on this campus. The workshop is designed to help move a critical mass of concerned students towards praxis by rethinking the interconnectedness of our struggles. (trans: get our behinds educated and organized)



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