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So we're back.

And while we had many things to say about the BASIC conference at Harvard overall, we have to admit we had a fun time. It was nice to get away from the disgusting-ness on campus the last few weeks.

We might not have come back with a great deal more knowledge or awareness than we set off with, but we've certainly come back refreshed. Well, bring it on, Columbia. We're ready for you (and for NYCAASC).

Quote of today - Christina: "Columbia's not that bad," referring to how much more progressive Columbia actually seems to be than the other schools, despite all that's been happening. If we took anything from this weekend, it was an outsider's perspective of what we do have here to work with - an awful lot compared to many, many other environments. For this we're thankful.


  1. Heiroku said...

    yay NYCAASC! (pronounced "NY-SACK" for some reason...)  

  2. skyxie said...

    The 'C' is like the c in scissors.  


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