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Instead of checking (or forgetting to check) The Blaaag every half hour, here's a tip from the resident internet geek.

Use Google Reader. Any of you who have access to a Gmail account will be able to use the Reader to keep track of your web feeds. What are web feeds? According to Wikipedia, a web feed is, "a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content." For all intents and purposes, a web feed is an address on the internet that you can use with Google Reader to keep track of the blogs you read. Just click "Add Subscription" and put in your web feed!

The fun part? From Settings in Reader, go to Goodies and have fun with the toys there. My favorite: the Next bookmark. It's less efficient if you have loads of blogs to read like I do, but if you have only a few, you can always see if there are new updates without ever actually checking the site.

Also, do check the cool stuff at the right of this blog. We at The Blaaag have compiled a shared items feed with content from APA blogs all over the net with topics that we care about and discuss. You can add it to your feed reader, or you can check the side of the page when you visit.

And for those of you who really care about the interesting (and sometimes extremely offensive) things people say in the comments for this blog, there's a comment feed for you, although much of what you'll see is esoteric babble from AAA and PC members.


  1. skyxie said...

    As soon as I saw the words "geek's guide" in the title I knew that David must have written this entry and it must be about a Google product.  

  2. lora said...

    yay for people utilizing rss feeds! cheers to google reader! hooray, hooray! i knew i was already converting the converted (:

    for those who aren't on gmail but have mozilla, you can subscribe through your browser as well!  


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