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Another Columbia Hate Crime

As verified by the Spec, the following message was found on the wall in a SIPA bathroom:

[WARNING: The following contains racial slurs and profanity]

You pinko Commie Motherfuckers and Arab Towelheads:
America will wake up one day and Nuke Mecca, Medina, Tehran, Baghdad, Jakarta, and all the savages in Africa. You will all be fucked! America is for White Europeans!


The message is likely a backlash from Ahmadinejad's presence; while this is never to discredit the many students who peacefully protested on Monday, it is nevertheless important to know that there are indeed some people, like the individual who wrote this, who are brutally racist and would actually consider it fair game to slaughter millions of innocent people in the Middle East and Africa, or, alternatively, consider the deaths of millions of people to be an innocent joke.

I found myself in the midst of controversy last year after the infamous Minutemen Protest, and had a lot of racist and/or violent hate mail directed at me, including statements like these:

"You are a stupid fucking jerk. penis-boy. Typical Jap."
"Get that noose around your neck a little tigher dipshit, I'll be there to pull the lever and watch you hang asshole...Fuck off and die."
“Hey gook…It's time for White Americans to fight back. By any means necessary…See you on the battlefield, you slant-eyed fuckwit.”

Or, for those of you from the class of 2009 and older, recall the incident in Ruggles 2 years ago where swastikas and homophobic messages were found in somebody's suite. Dangerous minds walk among us.

That said, the Black Students Organization is having an emergency meeting tomorrow night (Sept. 27) at 9PM in Lerner C555 to address the matter. Let's hope this unites the community to stand up against horrible statements like this, lest someone get physically hurt by the people who think these things.



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