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Another Worst Ever comment

This time from the Spec website (reader comments), which I find myself reading now with more regularity.

Well, I'm an asian student. I'm amazed that a student belongs to Black Student Organization crying racism. You put yourself in race category. So far I haven't seen White Student Organization, American White Diver, White Causus etc. Can you just mingle in the organization such as Colorbind Diver, Colorblind Causus, Colorblind Student Organization. Why don't you all crying minorities do as I do....I went camping with my indian and black friends, went biking with my russian friend etc....you guys are hipocrits.
I wish I had harsher language with which to condemn your attitude and your identification with this viewpoint as an Asian student (one who apparently can't use spell/grammar check, much less express a decent opinion.)

You deserve a special honor in the APA Hall of Shame.


  1. Anonymous said...

    1. We do not live in a colorblind society, nor should we be blind to the differences that others possess. We should celebrate them.

    2. Historically "Whites" were not placed into oppression by other ethnic groups so that they had to create student organizations to discuss the struggles of direct racism.

    3. "You put yourself in race category". This is all around FALSE comment that oozes with ignorance. "Asian American," "African American," and any minority in the United States were LABELED with those categories (all of which have political roots).

    4. People should celebrate the fact that people have different ethnic backgrounds. Self-induced colorblindness is just a sorry way of saying that you can't deal with the fact that people are different.

    5. I hang out with people who are not just Asian Americans. And I still encounter racism and bigotry... even from the person who claims to be my friend.

    6. I am saddened by this comment in the spec because it shows how ignorant people are about what kind of society they live in .  


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